About Web Applications
The goal of the Web Applications group is to represent the Web End-User(s) consisting of customers, partners, public viewers, and fellow employees who may access one or many of our Intra-, Extra-, and Internet sites. To achieve this goal, Web Applications conducts user, market, and competitive research, which yield web business/product plans for new and/or enhanced web tools and services. We are the "Web End-User/Customer Advocates", and to that end, we ensure that Focal's web products and services meet and exceed user and viewer expectations by offering user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and value-added web products and services.

Department Overview
Web Applications is a very hands on and collaborative focused group. In addition to research, Web Applications creates user and functional specifications and designs user interfaces for all of Focal's web applications and web sites. Through coordination with various departments (and sometimes design vendors), Web Applications determines recommended user functionality, presentation of content, navigation and click-ease, and maintains the overall design, look, and feel. Inaddition, the team maintains the highest web standards and enforces these standards on each and every web site and/or products/service.

Technical web architecture, coding/development, and technical maintenance are provided by Focal's IS department. IS selects the technology and builds and/or implements a solution that meets the agreed to Web Applications requirements. Once the technology solution is in place, Web Applications then manages and maintains all aspects of the User Interface and coordinates content, navigation, and functional enhancements to ensure that the tool/site is actively managed and continues to meet the ever changing audience (user) needs. Because of the variety of tools, the Web Applications team closely interfaces with the core product teams goals. Specifications, enhancement prioritization's, and text are under the guide of the Core Product.